Gasoline price gouging reported.
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Gasoline price gouging reported. In the wake of yesterday's tragedies, I'm not surprised by the courage and resolve many have demonstrated. I'm also not surprised by the nauseating greed evidenced by others. What's the price of gasoline (or other goods and commodities) doing in your part of the country?
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Prices seem to have stayed normal here on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.
posted by crankydoodle at 12:55 PM on September 12, 2001

Yes, we know..
posted by valerie at 12:57 PM on September 12, 2001

Still $1.99 here in Chicago. Here's another story about the gouging. Guiliani said on the air yesterday that gougers would be arrested.
posted by zedzebedia at 12:57 PM on September 12, 2001

St. Louis was apparently one of the places where gas went up to $5 (as discussed here yesterday). This morning on my way to work I saw $1.49 and $1.47 – slightly high but pretty much what it's been hovering around for the past few weeks.

In the story (which doesn't appear to be online any more) they mentioned Ballwin, MO, which is about 35 minutes outside the city. I'm about 7 miles west of the arch (which is in downtown St. Louis), right near the city limits, and everything was running as normal yesterday afternoon and this morning (no unusually long lines, etc.). Maybe it's just the people in the county that are going crazy...
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i heard that some airport rental car outlets doubled their prices the *moment* flights got cancelled, but couldn't find a story. any verification?
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Prices here in Manhattan, Kansas (I know, I know, it's ironic) jumped from $1.65-ish to $2.79 at a couple of chains. Lines were around the block at most stations. And I wouldn't call us "country", necessarily. It's a university town, about 50,000 people - not huge, but not hickish.
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here in Texas the govenor made it illegal to price gouge and we have 2 hotlines to call to report any such atrocities.
posted by Satapher at 2:59 PM on September 12, 2001

Still $1.39/gal here in Vermont.
posted by jenwells at 7:25 PM on September 12, 2001

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