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An essay in two parts on the pilcrow (¶) kicks off a new blog called Shady Characters: The Secret Life of Punctuation.
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I ♥ this, and will be waiting impatiently for the next instalment. I'm ashamed to have gone this far through my life in ignorance of the existence of such a thing of wonder as the Interrobang...
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This is why I come to MetaFilter. Thanks for this gem.
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Not to be confused with this.
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I had forgotten what love at first sight feels like.
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interrobang introduced me to the interrobang.
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Punctuation was, however, about to be well and truly shaken up by the biggest upheaval since Rome’s fall from Republic to Empire.
Just wanted to say that I really like the phrase 'fall from Republic to Empire" as indication of a degrading political system, rather than 'rise of an empire'.
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This was a perfect Sunday read. Thanks for posting it!
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Huh. I knew about the pilcrow but never heard of the chi-rho. Good article.
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Ack, I want to know how the story ends! I never thought there could be a cliff-hanger in an essay about punctuation.
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And in that instant, when I uttered the words "check out this awesome new punctuation blog," I knew that the Internet had proven its worth, its goodness, and its glory. And then I settled in to read.
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My inner geek just had an orgasm.
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This is internet pedantry at its best.
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We spend long enough complaining when someone posts a fugly site. Props to this fellow for a rich and gorgeous feel to his blog.

I'm also hoping he'll cover the Spanish inverted question and exclamation marks one day.
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I loved the pilcrow when I was in 3rd grade and inserted it everywhere. Most of my teachers had never heard of it. But I never knew I was continuing a medieval tradition until I saw this blog. This is grand.
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Just released: The Pilcrow, Part 3.
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The hotly anticipated Interrobang, Part 1.
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