An excellent personal account
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An excellent personal account of the WTC attack.
posted by zedzebedia (5 comments total)
I posted my own experience here. Are there any other blogs detailing personal experiences from the area?
posted by harrycaul at 1:14 PM on September 12, 2001

And another account from my friend Chris who promptly left WTC building 2 after he heard the explosion and heard smoking billowing from WTC building 1.
posted by ericrolph at 1:51 PM on September 12, 2001

I`m sitting here in the comfort of home in Ireland and can`t even begin to understand what you guys must be going through at the moment. My thoughts are with you all and hope that something, someone, someway can eventually help to ease your pain and shock. Regards.
posted by tbone at 2:59 PM on September 12, 2001

last week we in the US were sitting here worrying about the people in Ireland.
posted by redhead at 5:47 PM on September 12, 2001

I've been posting some thoughts (self-link) from my seat in midtown (with more to come).
posted by werty at 7:58 AM on September 13, 2001

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