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HBO filmed a documentary with Maurice Sendak last year. PBS filmed one back in 2009. (previously)
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Let the wild rumpus begin!
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I happened to catch the HBO show while on vacation...its fascinating...and worth the effort to hunt down.
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Tell Them Anything You Want is an amazing film. Spike Jonze kind of intruding into Sendak's life with his camera and getting a lot of great conversation and information out of the author. I highly recommend it.
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I was so scared this was going to be an obit post. I've loved Maurice Sendak since I was very, very small, and don't see that changing anytime soon. Both of these are excellent.
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Sorry for the vague post. I thought about that afterward...its was pretty early when i posted that.
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Having loved Sendak's illustrations as a child, I started watching Tell Them Anything You Want expecting... something totally different. It was great to discover that he's the kind of guy who says things like "Ah, what the fuck?" a lot.

FWIW, Shel Silverstein, for those of us who only knew him from his children's books, was another great surprise to learn about.
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