"Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink." Charles Bukowski
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Full Bladder, Better Decisions? Study says controlling your bladder decreases impulsive choices.
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if that font color choice was accidental I'll eat my hate.
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I'm living free.
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eat my hate

Eat My Hate was my favorite L7 album.
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Ironically failing to control my bladder is my favorite impulsive choice.

But seriously folks... This is awesome actually, I stopped reading the article so I wouldn't feel obligated to critique the science too closely, I'm just down with the premise: from now on, no important decisions (barring emergencies of course) except when I badly need to take a piss. I'm off the hook all the rest of the time! Why risk a suboptimal decision when such a simple, accessible cognitive enhancement is available?
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I'm just happy to have one more way to justify my excessive coffee and alcohol intake. IT HELPS ME THINK GODDAMMIT.
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I think even better when I'm touching cloth.
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I wonder if they controlled for age of the experimental subjects.
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I blame needing to pee for the poor navigation which caused my very bad no good car crash.
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When I'm sitting around with a full bladder, the only thing I want to do is go to the bathroom. Ergo: Peeing is the most intelligent thing I do all day.
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Trying to implement this is a good way to develop more bladder infections.
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brb gotta pee

He chose poorly.
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Hey, this explains why babies make so many questionable decisions.
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Malarkey? or Effective Way?
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Good lord, I can't think how absolutely wrong this is for me. When my bladder is full I get extremely irritable, lose all attention span and can think of only one thing: peeing. If I make a decision during this time, it is likely to be a snap decision that is the easiest possible so I can get to the peeing as quickly as possible. I become temporarily insane.
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Universal catheter usage would clearly make the world a better place!
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Also, long stretches without bathroom breaks, repeated consistently over years, are a risk factor for later vaginal vault prolapse. If ever there were a case of choosing the long-term benefit over the short-term...I'm going with 'minimize risk factors for later vaginal vault prolapse.'
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So peeing your pants makes you impulsive?
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Imagine a re-run of history where certain key individuals weren't able to take a piss at that crucial decision-taking moment. Attilla The Hen decides not to change his name to Hun and goes shopping instead of sacking Rome......

I am, of course, taking the piss.
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Well, it worked for Tycho Brahe.
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It's how I get through long stretches of thesis writing. I am writing a psychology thesis, but not on this topic. Clearly I should have been writing about what I know.
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Definitely. I always make my best decisions after a few beers. They're usually along the lines of "I'll have another beer".
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Actually, I highlighted this study in my FPP from a few days ago. It's the last link in that FPP.
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Ah. Yet another example of the Science News Cycle.

A full bladder does not cause you to be less impulsive. That is, if you hold your pee right now for the next 6 hours and then go shopping, your full bladder will not cause you to make fewer impulse purchases.

It is the ability to control your bladder that generalizes to other situations which require self-control. Being able to control your bladder indicates that you have more self-control than someone who is unable to control their bladder. So, if you hold your pee for a long time day in day out for 6 months or a year, then maybe just maybe you'll be less impulsive in other areas of your life.
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Actually, what happens is, your bladder will enlarge, and so in the future you'll be better equipped in a crisis to play out the crisis where others would have to run to the bathroom.
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dumb sac of piss.
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*scribbles in 'Handy Notebook of Insults'*
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Excuse me, but Oh Twaddle.

There aren't enough ways to suffer in life? Now we're supposed to dance around enduring unnecessary pain -- completely ignoring what our 4-billion-year-old bodies are telling us -- because Scott Walker thinks it builds character?

To quote one of my favorite Zen Masters, DaVinci: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
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I very seldom wish for a downvote on MeFi. THIS one made me.
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Well, somebody listens to Wait Wait...
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Mostly, having a full bladder and suppressing the need to pee makes me think of UTIs, and how much they absolutely suck.

"You know what? I'm going to avail myself of the facilities RIGHT NOW." is often the best decision that one could make on a full bladder. So there ya go.
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That article is so totally right. When my bladder is full all I want to do is pee, so I go to the bathroom. That's a better decision than peeing in my pants (less laundry, etc.).
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