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The Greatest Hits of the World looks at two songs that have achieved cross cultural, and multigenerational success -- Ben E. King's Stand By Me and Mbube, aka Wimoweh or The Lion Sleeps Tonight (BBC World Service, 2 parts, 25 minutes each)
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Now I want to find three other guys and go look for a dead body. That's gonna shoot my whole day!
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This book also has a really interesting essay by Rian Malan about the history and musical evolution of The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
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I heard the Mbube program several months ago and really enjoyed it. Worth seeking out.
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I'm glad this is delivered on the internet and not, say, on the radio. Every few minutes I have to pause it, hit YouTube, and track down whatever it is they're talking about. They don't include a clip of There Goes My Baby, for example, and now I'm listening to Spyder Turner's version of Stand By Me with all the impressions in it -- listening to people talking over it doesn't do it justice.

This is gonna take a while.
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mp3 download links:
Stand By Me
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Well, now it's stuck in my head.

ah wimoweh, ah wimoweh, ah wimoweh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Previously, a great video made by recording musicians around the world playing Stand By Me and mixing them together.
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