Film lovers are sick people.
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Film Film Film (1968), an award-winning Soviet animated short (1, 2), depicts the many unalloyed joys of filmmaking, from writer's block to studio censorship, working with children, unforeseen script revisions, delays, running over budget, technical difficulties, and uncertain audience reception.

The YouTube videos are captioned where necessary. The actual short eschews (intelligible) dialogue and requires little to no Russian. It's also available on DVD as part of volume one of the Masters of Russian Animation series.

The opening song is performed by Sokol ("Falcon"), one of the earliest, if not the earliest, Soviet rock band (please enjoy an unintelligible Google translation of the band's fan bio). Here's a RuTube link to their earliest song, «Где тот край»/"Where is That Land," and another to their later song «Солнце над нами»/"The Sun Above Us." They don't sound half bad!

Drawing on a variety of contemporary Brit-pop and rock inspirations, the band explored several musical directions between its formation in 1964 and disbanding in 1969, when its members finished their university studies and entered the regular workforce. The theme song to Film Film Film is their only lasting mark on popular culture.
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From Fyodor Khitruk, the director of the almost unbearably delightful Vinni Puh.
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The link to Sokol as well is amazing!
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That 2nd Sokol song is great. Never heard of them before.
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This is terrific, and I've added a couple of the Masters of Russian Animation series to my Amazon wishlist. Thanks!
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