Glacier Caves
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"I figured I'd explore for a bit and before I knew it I was 50 yards within a huge cave gazing at the most beautiful, otherworldly sight I had ever laid eyes on," he tells us. "It was like stepping into Superman's lair and every changing shade of blue lured me deeper and deeper." Inside Glacier Caves.

The photographer, Eric Guth, has a rather flash-heavy website here, with a plethora of arctic and antarctic images.
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my girlfriend and I went on a one-day trek on the Viedma Glacier while we were in Patagonia and one of our regrets was that our guides didn't get a chance to take us in to a glacier cave. The erosive forces on a glacier (as well as additive forces from snowfall) are indeed fairly dynamic, so terrain features tend to change from day to day or week to week. A cave that you remembered being there a few days ago may be a crevasse today. Still, the ice really was that magical shade of blue where ever we walked.

Another odd bit about glacier trekking is that because the terrain is so volatile, there weren't really 'trails' per se. We just kind of wandered across the surface of the glacier, picking whatever route seemed best. It took a bit to get used to when one is sort of raised on a near dogmatic obedience to "Leave No Trace" hiking principles and always sticking to a path whenever it presents itself.
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Damn. From the tagline, i thought this was gonna be about Minecraft.
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Blue is beautiful.
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Wow. That is just unbelievably stunning.
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Forget Superman, this is an advance still from the set of At the Mountains of Madness.
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glacier caves are crazy dangerous. large collapses often happen several times a week and sometimes multiple times per day. as much as i'd like to tour one, i like the prospect of being crushed under a literal mountain of ice less.

i could look at pictures of them all day, though.
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The colour Blue in the glacial ice cave I stumbled upon remains one of my most exquisite memories. It was simply beyond. Beyond blue. Beyond colour and ice. Mind-blowing.
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I'd say that I would like to spend my life in there, but I'll bet that if you went there just once, you would never really leave.
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Wow, wow, wow.
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How beautiful, they're like frozen waves. My first thought came out as "How beautiful, it's like frozen water," which... DURR.
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More Glacier Caves.
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Forgive my ignorance, but this is the first I even heard about glacial caves which in and of itself is a very very cool (no pun intended) concept. Then to see the amazingly beautiful pictures is beyond fantastic. Thank you for this post, for today I truly learned something new and something worthwhile.
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Cool link, homunculus. I looked for supplemental material but couldn't find much.
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Very nice pictures. At first I was like "man why does the guy have to be in them" but then I was like god damn I would want to be, too. And then there are similar pictures without him in, so I was mollified.
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It was like stepping into Superman's lair

Hey, what does this button dooOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo....
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Ötzi. Just sayin.

(What mexican said.)
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Glaive Cave
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THis is great!
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If you liked these images as I did, you would probably also like the IMAX film Journey Into Amazing Caves available on Netflix.
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Glaive Cave

Halberd Hills? Voulge Valley? Guisarme Grotto?
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