Steampunk Insects
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Steampunk Insects. "Tom Hardwidge’s Arthrobots are robotic insects — steampunk creations made from upcycled gears, nuts, bolts… and bullets!"
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For a moment I was sure it was this guy again.
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Huh. Slightly different style, I'd say, but just as totally awesome. Thanks for pointing that out, I'd missed it the first time round.
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Nice robot bugs, but I miss the days when found assemblage sculpture wasn't automatically called "steampunk".

I have a friend who is a jewelry maker who automatically gets labeled as steampunk at shows and by fans just because he happens to have made a few pair of functional goggles and some bits of polished copper or brass. He doesn't use any steampunk terms in his marketing, and much of his work is actually retro-pop-modern stuff in plastic.

However, I think his response is tempered with wisdom, that they're free to call it whatever they like as long as they're buying it.
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I think the next person who calls something "steampunk $X" should be hit really hard with a big stick.
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"steampunk $X" should be hit really hard with a big stick.

Or perhaps an 'upcycled' plank.
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BULLETS! I think I've seen this before. A woman who is an artist made little awesome metal creatures - without the steam-punk monocle of dumb attached to it. Probably saw it here.
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Hmm. Never thought I'd actually see a bullet with butterfly wings.
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A friend of mine was on a Found Object Insect kick all summer long, a couple years back. You can see them here. They're mostly plastic and bits of junk found around an art college.
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Love this. Thanks.
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Are these "robots" in any meaningful sense, or are they sculptures? Why not call them sculptures if they're sculptures? They're nice sculptures.
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Very lovely. Thanks for posting this.
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Guns in the hands of artists, Brian Borrello
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It is only steampunk if there are valves. AFAICS only one of these counts.
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Cartridges, not bullets (bullets are the little parts on the front end of the cartridge that go really fast out of the muzzle of the gun barrel impelled by the burning of the propellant, which is contained within the case and ignited by the primer). /obligatory pedantic firearm nomenclature derail.

Very nice craft art.
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