Caveman and Philosopher
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A man known as micromike was a cave dweller within the town famous for the Manhattan Project . Although the residents of the town didn't think of him as more than a nuisance, a documentary film was made about him. He isn't the small town's first outcast to gain attention from the outside world.
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He was also tiny.
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Given the housing prices around here, I'm not at all surprised. In fact, I believe they kicked him out so Re/Max could turn the cave into a $150,000-a-side duplex.
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dude looks and sounds a lot like the dude
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Old Benjamin Liebowitz, he's 3000 years old, but no one believes him.
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The trouble with that trailer is that I have no clue what's supposed to be compelling about that guy, beyond his sort of standard visionary/outsider scientific ramblings and hand gestures. Now, I've got a somewhat jaundiced eye from my years working with the American Visionary Art Museum, which is the clearinghouse for that sort of thing (oh, the times I've hung 4x6 foot salvaged plywood pieces completely covered with impossible theories scrawled out in tremendous detail in tiny, tiny handwriting), but the trailer doesn't articulate the story very well.

I'm never quite sure why there's such an immense need in some people to "reconcile" science and spirituality, as if there's some sort of single magical secret that's finally going to tie it all together.
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Yep, the links are dead but his cave was fitted with some modern comforts and he grew marijuana on the ledge just out his cave.
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There was a quick little bit about his theories regarding Morgellons. Freaky.
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