Live releases a free downloadable MP3
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Live releases a free downloadable MP3 in what is sure to be a long line of overwrought and sappy tribute songs inspired by the tragic events of yesterday.
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Sorry if my initial post sounded a little snarky. I just can't decide if I think these kinds of things are a show of genuine emotion, or a cynical attempt to glom onto the publicity surrounding the awful tragedy yesterday. I am sure Live has the best of intentions, so I'm sorry if I offended anyone.
posted by MegoSteve at 5:57 PM on September 12, 2001

I don't think Live needs any excuse to get overwrought and sappy. It's just their standard mode.
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I guess it could be a lot worse.
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I find that wallowing in a tragedy like this never helps and I avoid song tributes, memorial services and the like. The best thing we can do is clean-up and move forward. This is my personal balm to all tragedies, both personal and public.
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as long as it's not "candle in the wind"
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oh, and you'd think a big successful band like live would know how to edit id3 tags. unless they're renaming themselves "unknown artist."
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Today, I really wanted to slap the DJs playing Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA on the local rock stations.
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megosteve, that album cover existed before the events of yesterday.
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And likewise, the Live song had already been recorded for their upcoming album (I wondered why it was listed as track 12 in the id3). The album is due out a week from yesterday.
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I like it,

maybe i am just in a horrible mood ... but oh well.

I am sad. And this song seems pretty darn nice and purdy right now ..
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having some fuck tell me or you how to cope with personal stuff is insulting. everyone takes the events of yesterday personally. but i forgive them.
but the real reason they write the songs is tell themselves how they should cope. no doubt they're all confused.
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At dinner tonight a friend mentioned that there was already a song being played on the radio with audio clips from the attacks interspersed into bridges, etc.

I immediately groaned. I thought back to the Gulf War, and the mix of "Show Me The Way" by Styx. I think about how that song became ingrained into my head, and how many millions of people got that song ingrained into their heads.

I'm at odds with this type of thing. I think my problem arises when people exploit these raw emotions to sell records. Dunno if Live is doing this.

That said, "Bootylicious" should definitely be the official song for this situation.
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Lest we forget Bette Midler singing "From a Distance" being played while soldiers in desert camo were shown walking with Saudi children.
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Live released a "Terror in the Heartland" version of "Lightning Crashes" immediately after the Oklahoma City Bombing - with audio clips of the news coverage mixed in ... I expect the same thing can be expected with this song in the days to come.
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