Supermasochist Bob Flanagan
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Bob was sick He didn't take it the way you or I might. He got pissed off. And he took it personally.

Other people noticed him as well. But he was just a normal guy in pain.
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And I forgot this, sorry. Ebert on Sick.
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Oh, man, Happiness In Slavery. I'm still scarred from having watched the Broken film. But Bob Flanagan had a lot more depth than just what he did for NIN. I nearly wish I had a Netflix subscription so I could watch SICK right now.
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It's really good. There are some explicit scenes, of course, but those aren't the hardest to watch. There's a surprising amount of humor, too, and though it might seem that way, it's not a tragedy - even though he dies, you can tell he fought hard and on his own terms and he really kind of won.
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Wonderful movie, it's been over ten years since I saw it and it's still extremely vivid in my memory. Bob was a fighter and an artist, an amazing soul.
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Happiness in Slavery warped my 18 year old mind! I've thought about it over the years (what a trip to watch that just now), but had no idea that there was more to the fellow in the video than just that video. Lined up SICK in my Instant Queue, thanks!
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"Sick" is one of my favorite movies of all time. Best scene is Bob singing a campfire song (to a group of teenagers) to the tune of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" with the lyrics:

"Super-masochistic Bob has cystic-fibrosis...Um diddle liddle liddle I'm gonna die."
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Bob Flanagan is one of my heroes. Thanks for the post.
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A couple people discussed SICK in the fucksaw demonstration thread. I watched it that night, and again later in the week. It's a great film: tragic, hilarious, sexy, gross. The ending montage playing out beneath him reading a poem is beautiful. Very much an inspiration, though I can barely handle having my nipples pinched.
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