I have one gear: go EPIC WINNING
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SLYT Childbirth WINNING! Colin Firth WINNING! Tinky Winky's purse... duh: WINNING! WINNING!... Are you bi-polar? I'm bi-WINNING! Win here, win there, win everywhere...

To save a bit of time:

i) Yes, it's a SLYT, sorry about that. I am a bad person.

ii) I know the man is ill. Which means this is rather tasteless. But it made me laugh. I accept that also makes me a bad person.

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This post was deleted for the following reason: If we do a Sheen post, it better be a good one -- mathowie

Today is National Unfollow Charlie Sheen Day on Twitter.

That's the only thing that's WINNING.
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This post is For The Win, and Winning at it!
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It just occurred to me that the lulz over Charlie Sheen are probably pretty similar to what it was like hanging around John Belushi during his final weeks. Just sayin'.
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Sticherbeast - I don't really want to "favorite" that comment per se, but I don't have a button for "sadly accurate".
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