Enrique Metinides
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Enrique Metinides: In the Place of Coincidence "On Feburary 2011, Enrique Metinides will turn seventy-seven. Fifty of those years have been dedicated to what is called in Mexico “red note” photography. Sensational images of the tabloid press, images of accidents, deaths, disasters. Metinides’ images capture exquisite and compelling moments from such tragic events. His photographs a complex dynamic which both attract and repel; photographs which become engraved in our imagination through the power of the aesthetic experience." [graphic content]
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Can't ... look ... away.

This one is particularly haunting.

Some background on that one.
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Also reminds me of this: The Most Beautiful Suicide.

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wow, that is haunting (the first one you link to). interesting to have the story with it.

not to be all morbid, but just trying to figure out what i'm seeing.
the emergency medical person behind her who is laying a coat down...is that her he's trying to cover or someone else?
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Wow! What a flashback! I love the internet.

Growing up I would look at the Nota Roja pictures in the periodicals that my father's workers would buy and leave lying around in construction sites. A porn in the woods type of situation.

I always assumed Metinides was a pseudonym.
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