David Deutsch - The beginning of infinity
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Years ago I walked into a bookshop and asked the staff to recommend a book that would change my world, but then refused to elaborate, explaining it was a game and the response was entirely up to them. I recommend this game. In any decent bookshop the personnel are enthusiastic about books and ideas and get flattered, competitive and excited about such a request as they try to offer some creative ideas that trump their colleagues'. In the end I had four assistants lobbing ideas at me and we had a lot of fun. More importantly, I went away with a copy of "The fabric of reality" by David Deutsch, which did indeed change my world by introducing me to the notion of the multiverse and an array of ideas that then seemed odd and left me with a renewed sense of wonder about the universe(s). For some years, his new book The beginning of infinity has been 'forthcoming' with publication dates that have slipped several times. It now has a firm looking release date of 31st March, 2011 (UK link above) or July 21st, 2011 (USA). I'm hoping my view of the world is going to get changed again which, when you think about it, is a wonderful thing to be able to buy for the price of a meal out.
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One wikipedia link and two amazon links?
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Anyone playing this game while in front of me in any line should be prepared for some real dirty looks.
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