And you made it enjoying what you do...
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*LIVE THE DREAM* (Previously)

A flash game entitled "american dream" by Stephen Lavelle of Increpare Games. (Previously) (Previously)
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This is the most depressing game that I have ever played in my life. Wow.
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Does this thing have instructions somewhere? All I see is a tape playing music.
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I did it. I thought the market was gonna crash when I got close or something. Did I miss out on something by not buying all the stuff?
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Oh, I see, there's something at the bottom. It's just arrows and then 'z' to act. (No scroll bar shows up on my netbook.)
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Did I miss out on something by not buying all the stuff?

I think if all your stuff is in fashion you get more Party Times, and more "insider trading" tips, so you can get the whole thing over with quicker.
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Strange game.

The only way to win is to know when to pull out of the material girl.
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It's really easy. Buy low, sell high. Pay more attention to the graph than to the raw numbers.

I love this game. I feel horrible about that.
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I never realized it on my first play through of the game a few weeks ago, but there's some darker meaning going on-- the first speech the guy gives you when you go to work and asks you to invite him to parties at your house. "I'd really love to meet your wife," he says.

You're exchanging "parties" with your wife for hot stock tips. All in the name of the American Dream.
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Just a tip to avoid making the same mistake I did the first time I played this game: Between work days, when the screen's displaying your house, you have the option to upgrade your furniture using the money you've made. My first time I mistakenly thought the upgrade option was a sell option and I missed a huge portion of the game. Don't let it happen to you! !
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Live the dream, Potato.
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I won (getting a million dollars and owning everything for the apartment).

Hot Stock Tip: Ride Michael Jackson down into the gutter and go all in.
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I ended up roleplaying as the antisocial stock broker, forgoing parties and daily conveniences for the plenty of my old wooden bed, getting to a million dollars the hard and slow way just to preserve the virtual sanctity of my marriage when I realized that the role that I was playing, antisocial, inactive, not doing much but going back and forth between the menial mathematics of the moment, was hitting a little too close to home.

So more than just a criticism of the amorality that comes with the American Dream, there's also, at least for me, this meta-interpretation of 'what the hell am I doing with my time if I'm not even accomplishing the set objectives presented within the false reality of the game, much less absconding with the set objectives within the physical reality of the rest of my day'.

And with that, I'm off to do some sit-ups and laundry.
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I played, I won, I'm still confused.
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Wait, there were parties? I made a million, and never got invited. Not even a conversation or anything. That could be because I just went back to work when the day was done. Other than buying stuff for the house once because I was told all my stuff was out of style, nothing else happened there.

Damn, that's just cold, even for a video game.

It's just not worth it to get rich, I suppose.
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If you buy all the best stuff for your house, you get parties.

But you have to buy all (or almost all) of it.
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I got a party time every day as long as I had all the stuff purchased.
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$1.3M in 28 weeks. Clearly I'm in the wrong industry. Where do I find these star commodities?
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