I found a roll of film in 1989 & had it developed today.
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It was just laying on the ground.
In 1989 I found a roll of film in the Huron Mountains area of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I had it developed today. There are pictures of what looks like a helicopter crash, some people, a house, some lupines, a clematis, lots of jets, including what looks like an SR-71 Blackbird, a building, and a battleship.
Maybe you recognize some of the places in the photos? Maybe you recognize some of the people.
The helicopter crash is intriguing, I haven't tried to google it up yet. The Corsair picture is pretty cool too.
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Sounds suspiciously like this.
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Self link.
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If this isn't spammy-type self-linking, the OP may want to try AskMe.
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