Guitar Music From Western Sahara
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The Music of Group Doueh. Doueh is a guitar genius from the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

More on Western Sahara previously.
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This goes right to the ol' music bone!
psychedelic Saharan
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Flagged as Awesome. Hopefully this it what finally removes the earworm opening riff of Y&T's Mean Streak.
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Flagged as Awesome.

Likewise. I had seen this guy before but had forgotten his name.

Upon closer examination on the neck of his strat, it appears as he has about twice as many frets on the lower half of the fretboard. Not sure if he's doing anything with that, but seems interesting.
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Love this music-so creative and beautiful. Sublime Frequencies is the best label out there. Group Inerane have some similarities to Group Doueh.
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I love Saharawi music!!!
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Fantastic! Thanks!

See also: Bambino.
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Half of what makes this awesome is the use of nonstandard time signatures (sounds like a 6/8 6/8 5/8 progression for one of the songs). There's a now defunct Canadian group called The Tea Partythat used to use some north african/ middle eastern time signatures that is well worth exploring if you dig the non-danceble beats, but stunningly syncapation. I'd link to some of their music, which you can hear similar roots to, but i'm on the mobile...
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check this.
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whoa, nicolin, that's a great blog. thanks!
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