Kids born in 1989 pick comedy's 100 greatest films
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Wikipedia and the freshman population of UCLA make a list together. Just beating the likes of Beetlejuice and This Is Spinal Tap to the top 100, The Wedding Singer is the first of many representations for Adam Sandler in this comedy list, hopefully not entirely due to whatever the hell his hair was doing back then.
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Pretty sad list. Maybe they should have at least asked the freshman that were majoring in film. Hopefully their tastes would be slightly better.
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Scott Pilgrim is below Waiting and Clerks 2

excuse me while I walk off and explode
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No Christopher Guest :(
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Saturday Night Live alumni movies were better when more than half the cast were on blow.
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If the readers of College Humor who voted in this poll were a country, I'd be campaigning for immediate airstrikes now. Wipe them off the face of the earth!

Nice to see a Monty Python movie take the #1 spot (actually, really quite surprising given the other dreck in the list), but of course they even got that wrong - it should have been Life of Brian!
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Ah now I understand that it's a college humor poll. Yah that makes sense.
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Clerks 2. Really.
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The one thing this list has going for it is that it's on one page. So thanks for that, CH. I guess.

Step Brothers? I Love You Man? The Other Guys?

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Step Brothers had an emotional rawness to it that I didn't expect.
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I'm really sorry to be the jerk to point this out, but they made a lot of mistakes. The order is wrong and some list items have been left out.
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Not even close. I don't have the greatest memory, so I won't throw out names of better movies. But no way Jose to this list.
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No offense intended to parmanparman, but why is this worth posting?

The internet is not short of top film lists. Especially lists with shitty films.
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Is it Ghostbusters 2?
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Finally, someone has recognized Will Farley-Sandler's epic adventure about young men staying out all night and getting in so much trouble with their families but pissing on doors because they just don't give a rat's you know what for the genius that they is.
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waaaay to much jim carrey. any jim carrey is too much. and a distinct lack of "raising arizona" (unless i missed it...did i miss it?)
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Young people express opinions. Lawn dismissal requests sky rocket. Film at 11.
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