Ventilation in wet climates
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What would be the HVAC industry term for this sort of steel ventilation scoop which is open on the bottom? It's used in wet climates where you need a lot of airflow in/out of an unprotected exterior wall but don't want blowing rain or snow getting into your duct.

I'm looking for the generic industry term for that sort of thing, but extending even further "down". Imagine you have a 10 or 12 inch diameter duct with a big centrifugal blower that needs to suck in (or blow out) air through an exterior wall in a building located in a rainforest type climate. Something like this may be used, but what's the term for something that extends the "scoop" even further downwards to be absolutely certain horizontal rain won't get inside?
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Is this an ask?
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They're called downward-facing floop-whooshers where I come from.
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