Big Jack Johnson
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Mississippi Bluesman Big Jack Johnson has died. His performances in the documentary Deep Blues are brilliant. He was last surviving major performer featured in the film.
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Hey! Hey afterlife! Trade you for the other Jack Johnson.
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I saw him play at Red's juke joint in Clarksdale November '09.
He was incredible, bawdy as hell, and played slide mandolin like no one I've ever seen (literally--I'd never seen it done before).

I'll have to check out Deep Blues now.
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I'll have to check out Deep Blues now.

Apparently it's not out on DVD yet. Or, at least, on Netflix DVD.
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Sad news indeed. Around town he was known as "The Oilman". I have been through Clarksdale many times, and had the pleasure of sitting around on the porch one afternoon playing guitar with his nephew, Super Chikan.
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A friend of mine found this performance by Big Jack and the Jelly Roll Kings. Classic.
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God Bless you big un.
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