Fantasy becomes reality.
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Fantasy becomes reality. If any of you have ever played this popular game, load it up and watch the beginning movies that were part of the story line and shown as "News" clips.

Eerily familiar, the clips of a plane deliberately crashing into the World Trade Center, and a bomb (not a plane, but that is what the plane was; a flying bomb) set off on the Pentagon... The connection didn't hit until I was playing one of the sequels, Red Alert 2 and the mission was to capture the World Trade Center.

If anyone has these clips for download, I would like to know... I don't have the capabilities to rip them off the game CD.
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I don't know about C&C, but it was eerie playing a game of Counter Strike yesterday. I don't think anyone wanted to be 'terrorists.'
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I don't think anyone wanted to be 'terrorists.'

I know that at my college, there was a game consisting of approximately 25 counter-terrorists....and no terrorists. Not much of a game, but I think it might get the campus' sentiment across, eh?
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I too was playing something similar. Notice the big disclaimer they have posted at the top of the page. "In a blink of an eye, the virtual reality we created in Urban Terror became a horrific reality, as we watched at the surreal images and video footage come in. This is also the time to take a moment, just to reaffirm our position." It continues to describe the difference between games and reality. This kind of thing somewhat parallels the earilier discussion on MS Flight Sim. Do you see a notice on their page? No. There's 20 words offering condolences to the victims, but the "Freedom to Inovate" page remains. It might seem silly, but if you ask me -- Microsoft better watch its step.
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I'd been playing Red Alert 2 recently, and it did seem very familiar. The beginning Soviet compaign involved destroying the Pentagon.


I don't think I'll be playing it for a while.
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So who here, that has played MS Flight Simulator, hasn't at one time or another taken the Boeing into New York and flown it into the WTC towers?

It's freaky to think about, but it was so much fun in the virtual world of Flight Sim.

Also, check out this rant (down the page) by mindly insane NZ net-commentator, Bruce Simpson.
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....has played MS Flight Simulator...

a uk channel, UTV, actually showed footage of a a flight sim crashing into both the the WTC and the Pentagon. It was 'supposed' to show how easy it would be for terrorists to learn to fly, but i reckon it was just plain old bad taste.
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I went to the comic book shop yesterday, mostly for the sake of doing something normal and routine. I don't usually buy Superman, but for some reason, I decided to take a look at it. There's been a major crossover in DC Comics over the last month or so, especially the Superman titles, where Earth has been under attack by an alien enemy. This latest issue (which was printed sometime last week at the latest) deals with the reconstruction after the invasion.

On the second page, there was a picture of twin high-rise towers with holes blown in them; when I saw it, all the fear and sorrow that I've been holding back over the last couple of days came to the surface. I just fell to my knees and shook for a minute.

Now, this wasn't meant to be the World Trade Center; the towers were side-by-side instead of corner-to-corner like the WTC, and the caption read "Metropolis". But the image of the wrecked twin towers was just too much for me coming from a fictional source instead of the real-world images to which I've been numbing myself.
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