Ways to heal.
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Ways to heal. I'm a long, long way from being OK, as are most others here in NYC, many of whom have lost far more than me. The one thing that has helped more than anything has been the people who have crawled out of the woodwork of my life. From the friends currently housing me, to a phone call from an expat friend living in China, to hearing an ex-girlfriend say "I love you," a month after it hit me that we would probably never speak again.

As a distraction, how about you? Who have you heard from that you never thought you'd see again? Old lovers? Former best friends? Long-lost cousins?
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Hey Sinner,

I've been thinking about this all day. I've gotten many many calls and emails from all sorts of random aquantances checkin in with me. old high school friends who I had very little contact with since highschool. Emails from everywhere. I am someone who is terrible at keeping in touch. I have spent most of the day chatting with these old friends or writing long emails.

I was in Queens all day long on tuesday, I dont go into manhatten often...I was not in harms way on tuesday. But, yeah, I'm shook up. And each one of these emails/phone calls has brought a tear to my eye and a giant smile to my face and helped me feel a little more normal again.

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I'm fine, thanks.
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I live nowhere near New York. In fact, I live about 30 minutes from Chicago, a city whose famous landmark buildings were evacuated in the face of this tragedy. I received a call from my girlfriend (who lives in Belarus, a small country between Russia and Poland) who just wanted to hear my voice, to know that I was okay. It really broke some tension that I was feeling (as a webmaster at a prominent newspaper, I had control of 2 sites that day).
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