Planes over London will be shot down, warns government.
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Planes over London will be shot down, warns government. The UK government warned that any plane venturing into airspace over central London was likely to be shot down. All aircraft movements over the heart of the capital are banned until further notice. The flight path into London-Heathrow airport passes close to the Canary Wharf skyscraper in the east of the city and along the River Thames over the House of Parliament, the Guardian newspaper reports. (Down the page a ways.)
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Also on that page is an item mentioning that a number of readers of some Australian newspaper called in to say they'd seen a satanic face in a photo of the fire in the WTC. Has anyone seen the picture concerned?
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Is Canary Wharf the tallest building in Europe? Am I remembering that correctly?
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I once arrived in London on a flight from Dublin and the plane did approach over the Thames. At the time it was really amazing, it did feel like we were a bit too close to all those landmarks near the river, but now...
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