Don't Shop Dillards !
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Dillard's is sponsoring an anti-abortion fundraiser at it's Houston store. Dillard's is a Fortune 500 company and is hosting the event for Heroic Media who does not have the best record with regard to Progressive ideals (to say the least).

Dillard's response is a bit of boilerplate denying an economic or political connection to Heroic Media has been less than satisfying to people who have chosen to write their concerns to the company. Dillards has a long history with this anti-abortion group.

But this is not the only controversy that Dillards has been involved in. Their employee hiring practices as well as the working conditions there have come under scrutiny through the internet.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I dunno, this is just linking to a claim on a DailyKos blog that seems kind of loose and flimsy with the connection to anti-abortion stuff. -- mathowie

I don't know that this is something we should really blame on Dillard's. The anchor stores at the mall back where I grew up used to "host" fashion shows all the time as a platform for various groups to have fundraisers. A rival (probably not the best word) Girl Scout group of ours had one. A friend's mom used one to raise money for kids with cancer. Lots of kids I knew (myself included) "modeled" in these stupid things. It's just a convenient way for a group to raise a little cash and a department store to look philanthropic. It's not like Dillard's is singling out Heroic Media as being an awesome organization they want to sponsor.

So it's probably most effective to direct your anger to the right place--Heroic Media--and not act like this little event at Dillard's is the harbinger of doom for a progressive society, because that just makes you look ranty.
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There is a real line between charities and political organisations (a legal line in Britain, at least). Kids with cancer are not a political cause, anti-abortionism is. It's a political statement to sponsor a political organisation. I'm all for political statements, and for my right to call people idiots for making statements I disagree with.

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If it is something we should blame on Dillard's, that sucks. Or does that mean I get to keep picking over their leftovers like a vulture since they're definitely losing money on every $4 shirt they sell me? ;)

(Their "regular" prices are awful, but boy howdy do they ever discount at times!)
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