"You're a plumber, Mario. You need to stop doing so many mushrooms!"
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What if Mario was really just drug-addled and lovesick? [SLYT] Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi's short film remakes Super Mario as indie flick, produced for South by Southwest. WARNING: May contain content hipsters find appealing.
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Interesting choice of tags!
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Brilliant! After watching it 20 times this week I never want to see it again. They played before over half the movies at the film festival.
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Haha, sorry was going to post somethign else. Changing as we speak.
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This parody feels a little sloppy. If they were going for the indie-flick vibe, they really chose the wrong soundtrack, and if they were going for a hollywood feel, the fool of the film is all wrong.

Maybe I'm just spoiled by the God of War Indie Flick and the Zelda 80's movie which I feel like 1) make their video game references less awkwardly and 2) parody their respective film styles in a much better way.
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Peaches was a princess.
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I don't get it?
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Seen it! Didn't particularly care for it. It plays like a poorly-executed College Humor skit.
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This:People who want to make real movies :: Gwenneth's record deal:real musicians
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Not bad, not bad... I still prefer The Brothers Mario.
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This:People who want to make real movies :: Gwenneth's record deal:real musicians

Maybe it's just because I'm a sucker for Mario-inspired fun, but I thought this was really well done. To each his own, but calling it out because it's not a "real movie" (whatever the hell that means) is just so utterly joyless I don't even know where to begin.

If you're someone who thinks of yourself as someone who wants to make "real movies," it's a shame you can't respect the craft involved in putting this together. Even if you don't like the finished product, it's pretty apparent that something like this takes a lot of time, not to mention passion. Haters gonna hate, I guess.
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Bowser as the asshole yuppie douchbag - the natural enemy of hipsters! - is kind of genius. I am also liking the message that you can't win the girl back like a prize without consulting her. The drug bits are nicely done - I especially like the scene with the star-pills and strobe lights.

I think it'd feel a little less forced if Mario and Luigi were construction workers, not plumbers. Hipsters don't have solid blue-collar technical skills training. Other than that, this is great and y'all are haters.

Hipster Mario, Douchebag Bowser and what happens when you do too many Mushrooms: now with bonus Mario is Missing reference!
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I was waiting for the part where he stomped on the turtle and then repeatedly kicked it into the stairs.
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I enjoyed it. By the way, everybody is somebody's hipster.
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One man's floor is another man's hipster.
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Shooting from the hipster.
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This too
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Aw, I really liked this.

Also the Inception Soundtrack is now the standard trailer music everything.

also a lot of people I know that you would call hipsters do work blue collar jobs. I'm reminded of Edmund White in States Of Desire talking about how so many young gay men he knew in the 70s went into construction or such, cause it had all these manly trappings they liked and paid realy well. I wonder how they would have gone differently if not for AIDS.
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The Whelk—I was just relieved they didn't use this
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I'm not a cinematographer, but I appreciate a little craft.

No amount of craft can make up for that mustache.

I mean, look at it!
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Mario is Missing? That was a hit below the belt, film-maker. I actually 'played' that.

Anyway, this thread has some fantastic links. More links:

Our poor Yoshis have been struggling for years

The People's Mario
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I thought Bowser was supposed to be the hipster - at least, that's how I always imagined them, as upper-middle-class artsy-fartsy types. (I too am one, I suppose.)

I would totally watch this movie.
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I am sorry I missed SXSW film this year... this does remind me of something the Alamo Drafthouse boys would create... which means, I like it! And no worries... I missed the film cause I was too busy rocking the east side non-sponsored sxsw events for free!
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