You'll never make it, kids. Here, I got you jerseys.
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"On our island we loved to watch football. But no one had actually ever played it." The story of a football team on the floating village of Ko Panyi.

And look! The new-and-improved field is still there!

Full discloser, the short film is being used in an ad campaign for TMB Bank.
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Awesome. Thanks!
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my gosh, this place is beautiful!

It's like they played Illusion of Gaia and said, "Yes. We need a village just like that. Whoever thought of this is a genius."

I do wonder when we'll start building towns and cities in the image of videogames though. Inevitable?
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OK, when I first commented, I had only read the wikipedia article, and the video was taking forever to load. Having watched the video, there's something in my eye, and this post is my favorite thing this week.
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Nod to Bas Jan Ader at 1:07.
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Loved. Thanks for posting this.
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In the Hollywood version, they will, of course, take off their shoes and win the whole thing.

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to see if I've got a mote of dust in my eye or something. They're kinda watery.
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That re-enactment was corny and emotionally manipulative but I loved it!
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I also like the fact that if you get tired playing football you can just cast a line off the pitch and do some fishing.
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Thanks. We are in Thailand next week and were at a loss of what to do in Phuket the day prior to flying out besides scowling at sex tourists.
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Man, the phrase "TMB (Thai Military Bank) have launched a new brand vision" is execrable.
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I've been there!

I was in Phuket for a computational linguistics conference just months after the Boxing Day Tsunami, and took a package boat tour on a whim. We stopped at Ko Panyi for lunch. I ate boiled crab and watched the mud skippers flop around under the dock at low tide.

I've never seen a place quite like it. Most of the individual homes are lined along corridors with open walls. It's possible to peer into dozens of living rooms in the space of a few minutes. The kids will follow visitors from place to place, mostly because visitors = free entertainment, and also because they can occasionally make a little money selling sodas or postcards. I wish I'd known about the pitch just so I could have watched them play.

That part of the Phang Nga Bay is one of the most beautiful, improbable places I've ever seen. It's worth a trip just to see the sugarloaf islands laced with hundreds of caves and swim in the blue-green water.
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Man, the phrase "TMB (Thai Military Bank) have launched a new brand vision" is execrable.

Wikipedia: the Thai Military owns 1.44% of the bank.

Another bank with an unusual name: Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp (Pink Sheets stock: CRZY).

Also: Redneck Bank (owned by Bank of the Wichitas, based in Oklahoma) and Tightwad Bank, with "a full service branch in Tightwad, MO".
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Cute story. Saw the "Hey! Let's take our shoes off!" twist from the bleachers. I wonder where the money to build their new pitch came from? That perimeter netting has to speed up play considerably.

Wikipedia: the Thai Military owns 1.44% of the bank.
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This source paints a different picture. Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but for the cynics wondering about the appropriate use of viral advertising over the Internet to promote feel-good stories about Thailand, there is this background to consider.
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Don't footer (soccer) rules say that if anyone is barefoot, everyone must be?
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Thanks, Taft, that was great.
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Thanks Taft!
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