Jeeves, I’d Like Some Mood Music
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There are days that your MP3 player has died, searching YouTube for music feels like too much work, and you just want some sounds to mask the world. A few options:
8Tracks has playlists to suit your mood (having a one-person dance party, gaming, sad, and many more); if you want something a little more ambient, SimplyNoise provides white, pink and brown noise; RainyMood, the sounds of an endless rainy day.

Sites require Flash; SimplyNoise and 8-tracks previously. Also of note: StereoMood.
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If we're going to talk about RainyMood we really have to link to this
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It was OK until the brown(ian) noise became a brown note.
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There's an Android app called "Relax and Sleep" that produces a whole bunch of background noises, that can be mixed together. Not brilliant samples, can't add your own, and doesn't have pink noise. Does an OK job, though.
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As mentioned previously, the LA mix on is excellent for mood enhancement. I quite like it for blocking out the rest of the office while at work.
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Since Pandora's untimely demise in Canada, I've been a big fan of Musicovery and Stereomood for this sort of thing. Musicovery, in particular, seems to have a bit more musical diversity than 8tracks (which is great but appears limited to mostly indie and a smattering of electronica). For less mainstream (but much more hit and miss) listening, thesixtyone can also be fun once in a while.
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8tracks (which is great but appears limited to mostly indie and a smattering of electronica).

The Nick Cave playlist, which has more than eight tracks, is being just the thing to get me over my housecleaning procrastination.
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Thanks - good stuff! Also, an oldie-but-a-goodie: SomaFM. I particular enjoy having Suburbs of Goa playing in the background at work.
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If you're more a genre person as opposed to a mood, you could always try

They're like internet radio as powered by The Hype Machine. Or some other such metaphor.
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Thanks - I'm really enjoying RainyMood. Great background noise for reading.
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Oh, man, SimplyNoise brings back memories of my third-year experimental psych research project at university. I was doing some work on audiovisual interactions with attention, which meant that I had to control the hearing and vision of my participants as much as possible. So the solution I went with was having them do the experiment behind a black curtain, wearing wireless headphones tuned to a dead channel to produce atmospheric static.

Given that I didn't want to put my participants through any experience that I wouldn't do myself, the first evening I had everything set up I triggered the experiment to run, sat myself down behind the curtain, and put on the headphones. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised quite how long the experiment would run.

Fifty minutes later, I emerged from behind the curtain, wild-eyed and verging on madness. The hissing. Nothing left but the hissing, and the clicks, and the lights. The world was gone, nothing left, but forever the hiss.

It was at roughly that point that I decided it might be a good idea to split the experiment into five ten-minute sessions...
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Low Light Mixes has some good stuff, if you don't mind big-ass downloads.
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I've been using for sleeping for awhile now, and it's great.. drowns out the street noise and my roommate when she is up late with friends over.
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The SixtyOne ("Where new artists make music and listeners decide what's good") has a "Moods" menu, which is surprisingly helpful.

I also like Future Perfect Radio. It's not customizable by mood, but it's underground indie stuff that you can filter by location (among other things), e.g. Portland and Seattle, so you pretty much know what you're getting.
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There's several iPod apps that do this. I downloaded Ambiance after seeing it recommended on MeFi. Has a good selection of rain noises.
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I lost my long-cultivated, hours-long, mood-focused playlists the other week, and started listening to SomaFM as a temporary substitute. It's been years since I listened to radio, and it's been great to sit back and listen to tunes chosen by someone else with similar tastes. It's as though I'd become so consumed with curating my own tracklists that I'd forgotten how great real radio can be. Not an unusual syndrome, I'm sure. Sometimes too much control is just unhealthy.

Great (and timely!) post... I'll be listening later.
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