Christchurch, New Zealand, post-quake
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Eerily calm - Civil Defence New Zealand has released footage of post-earthquake Christchurch.
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I had to do a double take at 3:01 because it looked like some kind of Fallout-esque eyebot was on patrol, but it turns out it was just some kind frontloader.
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So where are all the people? They didn't just turn to piles of dust like in Night of the Comet - where'd they all go? Is this a sectioned-off part of town?
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Yep, the whole CBD is cordoned off for safety reasons - there's some controversy about that.
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i liked hearing the birds.
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I find it amazing (and thankful) that fire didn't gut out all those buildings.
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The birds, the sirens and the silence... eerily calm, indeed.
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thanks for sharing.
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Very eerie; it reminds me of the feel of City 17 from Half Life 2, for some reason. For government footage it feels surprisingly well directed and artistic at times.
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Mr Langer said a structural engineer had told him his building could be made safe enough to enter. "I could retrieve at least half a million dollars of irreplaceable goods within half an hour," he said.

Well damn
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Seeing the NZ flag at half-mast really got me. I guess that's why we have symbols, to express things that bare facts don't cover.
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And (also under a Creative Commons license) Land Information NZ has released aerial photos taken on 24 February.
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Hard to believe that this was just a month ago.
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