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Raw Music International is a prospective television series about music from around the world that would usually escape the attention of folk not living in the middle of it. The first episode has already been shot in Kenya, and the folk behind it are currently trying to get it funded. But until it gets broadcast, we can read their accounts of going out and recording the hip-hop, reggae and more trad-ish music of Kisumu. If you're interested in THE MUSIC AND NOTHING BUT THE MUSIC, head over to their Soundcloud page.
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It's funny, I was just working on a pilot with the same idea, for a cable network, with some major players on it. The network passed on it. "Nobody wants to watch music on TV" they said. I hope this guy has better luck.
posted by fungible at 11:12 AM on March 24, 2011

The Raw Music Blog is great too!

And 2 of my Raw Music favourites are Brushy One String singing Chicken In The Corn and this Foli video about rhythm.
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Very neat. Kinda like Marco Werman's work on The World, but expanded.
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