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Virginia Woolf and Arturo Gatti have never met. If they had met, likelihood would have made their meeting brief and prosaic. This Triple Canopy piece unites their motivation, if only briefly, and makes for one hell of an interesting article.

And yes, I came to it via Deadspin. And yes, this is my first post.

The page may ask for donations, but no NYT stylings.
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The simplification works, always has, always will; and millennia from now we’ll be saying it about half-monkey/half-robots: Don’t worry about Simianorg, he’s a fighter.

What? Simianorg's a lover, not a fighter.
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I'm leery of the Turing test module that proves Simianorg lover.
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This painting, which illustrates the article, is fantastic. Apparently the artist was famous for his depictions of amateur boxing matches.
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I'd never seen "triple canopy" before. I like it, so thanks.

I havent checked but I'd bet dollars to donuts the writer of that essay is Canadian. Gould held in the same league as Bach? Yeah, that's one from my side.
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Sergio De La Pava is from New York; he's written a novel called A Naked Singularity which is astonishingly good, despite being self-published. A fair amount of boxing content in that as well.
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A wonderful first post and thanks for turning me onto that website; good stuff there for sure.
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