Thoughtful pieces like these are becoming fewer and fewer.

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Thoughtful pieces like these are becoming fewer and fewer.
Danny Schecter of Media Channel gives his take on the unfolding events. I fear the path the US is on, marching headlong into what could very well be a protracted, horrific spiral of war and carnage.
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his rescue drama may be the most poignant, but the reports of family members racing from hospital and hospital, armed with pictures of their loved ones is the most heart breaking and dramatic. A TV reporter had to apologize on camera for not being able to show them all. Surely, there should be a web site where the families of victims can post this information.

i can find hosting, if anyone in the nyc area can find the strength to assist these people by digitizing the pics.
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I guess bin Laden was right, the afgani's didn't have the money for this kind of attack. They just waited for us to give them 43 mil. and then attacked us.. hmmmm sounds like a conspiracy theory
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Here's a good informational link about Arab-Americans. Quite a resource.
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at last an american collumnist with something to bring to the debate.
unfortunate that the mainstream media in the 'land of the free' ignore this aspect of the debate.
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noam chomsky has written a little something that's worth taking note of.
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What's the Message? - Interesting article about just how unclear it is what the US can do to minimize its risk to future attacks like this - even if we tried to appease Bin Laden and his followers. What exactly do they want?
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