Selections from the Philosophes
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"Maxims and axioms are, just like summaries, the work that spirited people do, it seems, for the use of mediocre or lazy spirits." Presenting maxims, axioms and more from the Philosophes: Vauvenargues! Chamfort! Fontenelle! La Bruyère! Galiani! La Rochefoucauld! Saint-Évremond! posted by Iridic (9 comments total) 20 users marked this as a favorite
*Tags to my Delicious bookmarks for reading someday.*
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Most compilers of verse or of bon mots resemble people who eat cherries or oysters, at first choosing the best ones, and finishing by eating everything.

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Malcom De Chazal

And my favorite, that I just read a few hours ago, and which it seems has been awaiting me to place it online:

"Without the shadows, light could not ride the objects, and the sun would go everywhere on foot."
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I think my friends are going to loathe my status updates for a while.
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Apropos nothing, a fontenelle is a natural hole in the braincase of a skull, such as the newborn's "soft spot."
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Don't forget minims
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a fontenelle is a natural hole in the braincase of a skull

Is that not a fontanelle?

And if we are talking philosophes, why no Voltaire? Diderot? Rousseau?
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Here are some interesting modern maxims (aka epigrams or aphorisms).
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I'm not allowed to answer "Metafilter" when my partner asks me "Whatcha reading?" Thanks for making me, for at least one answer to this question, seem a little brighter than usual -- or at least catching him off guard.

Also, let this thread be my nth opportunity to rally for Instapaper for saving stuff you want to read later and can have ability to do so on your phone, in your browser, or even (gasp) on paper.
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