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David Kraftsow is a visual artist and programmer, and maintains Don' to showcase his work. You may be familiar with Yooouuutuuube (Example, Previously) which has added a new feature called "flux", which increases the transformations that can be applied to a video. But Kraftsow is also the mind behind YouTube Datamosh (example), which will remove keyframes from a video to give it a glitched out aesthetic, an automated service to find videos that are better than Justin Bieber, a live feed of QVC processed with hallucinogenic video effects, and first person Tetris (previously).

A Rhizome interview with Kraftsow from 2009. More recently, from 2010.

There are more projects than what's mentioned in the FPP; his site is well worth exploring.
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Now I wanna take acid and watch QVC. There goes my productivity today.
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Dude, SPUTNIK, make room on the couch. And don't forget the comfy pillows.
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Totally sober, and without any outside help, I watched the linked "example" video for Yooouuutuuube and then QVC #2 for a few hours before I went to bed. It was magical.

Here's a tip for the future when you're trying to find Yooouuutuuube and can't remember how to spell it: three Os three Us and then three Us.
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Wonderful. I have the QVC freak-out, You are listening to LA, and the 4:33 Mashup all open at once.

It's a beautiful, relaxing cacophony.

I like this a lot. Everything makes sense now.
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