On First Looking into Lovecraft's Homer
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A Cyclops' cave the wanderers brave
And find much milk & cheese
But as they eat, foul death they meet
For them doth Cyclops seize.

From The Young Folks' Ulysses [PDF], by H. Lovecraft, poet, aged seven. One of the "freely available editions of obscure, outlandish and otherwise outré works of semi-fine literature" from the electric publishing wing of kobek.com.
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I was hoping for more maddening, eldritch horror in the Scylla and Charybdis section.
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"Who's that?" Bloom thought, "She seems quite hot,
But O! It seems she's lame.
Still, 'tis exotic; thus erotic;
I'd bang her all the same."

Then back from Gerty acting flirty,
To Martha thoughts returned.
A well-filled hose? Bloom's cyclops rose,
And oh his loins, they burned!

Interesting stuff, thanks.
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His swineheard first then his old nurse
Do recognise him well

Lovecraft was once accused of being a bad poet. He responded that the critic had clearly not read his work, or he would call Lovecraft no kind of poet at all. Good to see Howard got an early start on that....

(To be fair, the drinking song in "The Tomb" is pretty rockin' ("Better under the table than under the ground!") and some of his short Christmas poems are rather sweet.

Further into the site, The Oldest History of the World Discovered by Occult Science in Detroit, Michigan by Benny Evangelist is quite the thing.
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This is pretty good for a 7 year old.
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Ambition is one thing Lovecraft always had in spades.
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(There, got that out of the way for this post.)
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Good work killing the thread, there.
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