Kirkuk: Ignore It While You Can
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Kurds Move To Upend The Status Quo In Kirkuk - "In northern Iraq, Kirkuk has always been a flashpoint with Kurds, Turkmen and Arabs, who all claim it as their own. It has a special place in the new Iraqi constitution, but nothing has changed for years."

Clashes in Iraq Fuel Debate on U.S. Departure - "Ethnic violence in Kirkuk has led some to believe that civil war could result if the United States sticks to its schedule."

New governor elected in Iraq's Kirkuk, Arabs enraged‎ - "A new Kurdish governor and a Turkmen provincial council chief were elected on Tuesday in Iraq's northern Kirkuk, enraging Arab politicians in the disputed city who said they would boycott the council."

Water - a new battleground between Kurds and Arabs - Samad believes that the Kurds are attempting to dry the river's waters to force Arabs to leave their land. 'This will make it easier to annex these lands to the Kurdistan region', he says."

Turkish-Iraqi oil pipeline agreement concluded - electricity deals struck - "Iraq's deputy prime minister for energy affairs said on Monday that the pipeline running between the oil fields of Kirkuk and the Turkish port of Ceyhan is ready for operation after the two countries' parliaments endorsed amendments to the bilateral convention governing it."
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Ah. Someone else who finds the Kurds interesting. My mother in law was in Turkey in the '80's in a cafe, and these three big, tough looking guys stood up and put their hands on each other's shoulders and started to dance. Nobody said a word until they were through and had walked out. Her companion said, "Those were Kurds." A really interesting history.
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