Manhattan and Brooklyn photos.
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Manhattan and Brooklyn photos. Ultradio photos of the scene. Too much mental fantasy today. I can't cover up my fear and terror with anger anymore. Back to reality. I'm going to try to not follow any more political topics and threads for a while.
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i woke up today to a strange smell - the smell of burning wire insulation or plastic or something. after confirming with friends closer to "ground zero" i now know that this is the smell of what happened on tuesday.

i'm about 60 miles east, on long island, and the smell is everywhere.
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The smoke was here in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for much of the first two days. I had to stay with a friend further north the first night -- I pictured it settling on the neighborhood as we slept and asphyxiating us all. Last night I went to the Upper West Side and it had shifted in that direction. A headache-inducing smoky smell, five miles north of the WTC. Later that night from an upper floor I could see it across the park, a long white cloud over the Upper East Side. It can't be a healthy thing to breathe. It is also a constant reminder.
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You can smell it here in Queens too.
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