Mark Romanek's favourite new video
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Yoann Lemoine has directed a video for Iron, a song he composed and recorded as Woodkid; among its fans, Mark Romanek.

His previous stand-out video (apart from an intriguing one for Moby's Mistake (vimeo)) was for the Mystery Jets' Dreaming of Another World (vimeo).
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I like this a lot. I'm sure it is silly and overwrought, but that doesn't reduce my admiration. It is pretty and stirring.
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1st thought: 80's perfume commercial?
2nd thought: Jay-Z's On To The Next One video?
3rd thought: Playstation 5 game trailer?
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First you draw a couple circles.
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I like the song, and the video is beautifully produced, but it's basically a checklist of current hipster aesthetic fetishism. Could literally be an American Apparel commercial.

- Owls
- "Native American" themed... stuff
- Keys worn as jewelry
- Conspicuous "old-school" tattoos
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It's not bad. If I saw it on TV, I wouldn't flip the channel. Probably no one would have anything bad to say about it if it weren't put up here for scrutiny.
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Cut to Jean-Paul Gaultier in a sailor suit, with a chihuahua. Pouting.

Which is to say: yes, very perfume commercial.
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