I blue myself
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It's like Evolution of Dance—a collection of kicky songs, just substitute dancing for the tribal drumming of a self-crafted PVC pipe instrument. 19 songs in 8 minutes.

-Grenade (0:02)
-Rugrats Theme (0:53)
-Carry On My Wayward Son (1:08)
-Axel F (1:21)
-I Just Can't Wait To Be King (1:33)
-Sweet Child O' Mine (2:10)
-Viva La Vida (2:23)
-Billy Jean (2:36)
-Like a Virgin (2:47)
-Final Countdown (3:04)
-Crazy Train (3:24)
-James Bond Theme (3:57)
-The Pink Panther (4:16)
-Teenage Dream (4:36)
-Poker Face (5:35)
-Daylight (6:14)
-Canon in D (6:31)
-Pirates of the Caribbean (6:57)
-Rock 'n' Roll Part 2 [a.k.a. The "Hey" Song] (7:19)

Let's build one.
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Amazing... isn't that last song called Dr Who?
posted by mugsydean at 12:12 AM on April 2, 2011

We had a post about this fellow, whose name is Kent Jenkins, a few months ago actually. This one has different songs, however.
posted by koeselitz at 12:21 AM on April 2, 2011

Loved it when I discovered it a couple hours ago (and made me regret my last post EVEN MORE), so I'm glad you put it up, Taft. You always were my favorite obese President.

And mugsydean, "Rock n Roll Part 2" was mashed up WITH the Doctor Who theme for the KLF/Timelords '90s goodie "Doctoring the Tardis". But you should listen to Gary Glitter's original, even if he is one of Rock's Greatest Sex Offenders.
posted by oneswellfoop at 12:29 AM on April 2, 2011

While we're going off-topic, oblig: Who, ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

According to The Manual, the key to having a number one is to rip off another song, make up some nonsense and throw a breakbeat behind it. Hence the acquisition of Rock n Roll Part 2.
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Amazing... isn't that last song called Dr Who?

Only to those unfamiliar with the sterling early work of shamed paedophile, Gary Glitter.
posted by PeterMcDermott at 3:52 AM on April 2, 2011

We used to call these instruments thongophones. (As in shoes, not underpants.)
posted by robcorr at 4:57 AM on April 2, 2011

Nicely done. I was expecting that, as soon as he finished, he would be tackled by a scouting team lurking off-camera, shaved on the spot, dunked into a vat of blue latex paint, and dragged away screaming to the PVC pipe-playing mines.
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This is an old meme.
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3:46 for the win.
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I bet he sucks to play against in whack-a-mole.
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