Sweet Scent of Freedom Sold Seperately
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Some people have claimed that Barbie is really about giving girls the image of an empowered woman. There can be little doubt of empowerment when it comes to Black Moses Barbie - she fights for freedom and has all the coolest playsets and accessories.
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This is awesome.
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"Comes with motivational freedom rifle..." bwahahaha. That was great.
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"Dum-ba-dee-doo, walking, walking..."

If my Barbies had had motivational freedom rifles instead of penthouses, my childhood would have been much better.
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I want to be a Cat Lady Abolitionist when I grow up.
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ahhhh this is made of excessive quantities of awesome!!!!
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Black Moses Barbie: "You really need to change that kitty litter."
Cat Lady Abolitionist: "..."

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I love this. I AM a crazy cat lady and would have been an abolitionist had I been around then.
I was very happy to see the redneck that kicked the cat and hunted slaves get shot. I want this Barbie! The one I had was the original first one, with the striped bathing suit and pony tail. I gave it to my niece eventually. Not in the original outfit or box, toys are meant to be played with.
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