The Twitter Three & Ethan McCord
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On the one year anniversary of wikileaks release of Collateral Murder, Panorama has released a documentary on the shooting featuring an interview with Ethan McCord.

The Netherlands' Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal commemorated the occasion by informing a Green MP that he "would not rule out extraditing Rop Gonggrijp to the US" for Gonggrijp's role in the video's production. The ACLU and EFF are appealing a U.S. subpoena of the twitter accounts belonging to Rop Gonggrijp, Birgitta Jonsdottir, and Jacob Appelbaum.
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Gonggrijp himself doesn't seem too concerned.
Maybe that's just his natural Dutch stoicity.
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Rosenthal's role in the video's production? Did I read that right?
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Dear god, it isn't even the diplomatic cables this time, it's Collateral Murder, that video of U.S. soldiers killing Iraqi civilians. Julian Assange even appeared on the Colbert Report to talk about it!
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it isn't even the diplomatic cables this time, it's Collateral Murder, that video of U.S. soldiers killing Iraqi civilians.

And yet, one of the radio ranters last week was claiming the Manning was responsible for, if I remember the ranter correctly, "Leaking the war crime of Collateral Murder. Telling the world of a war crime isn't leaking, its your duty as a human being".

Funny that I don't remember tying the video to Manning any other place.

(Even more interesting - the rate of replies to CM here on the Blue VS this, the one year anniversary)
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The first shooting seems to take about 3 seconds to arrive, guessing 3,000 fps, that's about a half mile away.
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Also more details on the acusations against Manning per Wired.
The army alleges that Manning installed data mining software onto SIPRNet. They will not ne
The software program used though at this time.

I suspect prosecutors would love to find IM/Twitter direct messages/gmail/jabber chats showing that some wikileaks affiliated person told Manning about configuring the tool.

The questions
1-Is this going to be some bullshit thing where every computer nerd has this app and it is not a datamining tool, like say Cygwin with curl?
2-will the jury hear about tf-idf weights vectors and cosines of the angle theta?
3-did the drives not get zero filed afterall as claimed in the purported IM chats, and will independent experts for the defense be able to examine the evidence for fabrication.
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When I read what Rosenthal said I understood it as him meaning to say that he doesn't plan to interfere when NL receives an extradition request because he thinks that the Dutch legal process would provide enough protection for Gonggrijp.
But he could have said that more clearly.
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