War and Conflict Across the Globe
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Conflict History: a Timeline of War and Conflict Across the Globe You can browse the timeline to find information about wars from a long time ago up to the present. A map shows the conflicts spread across the globe. You can search for specific wars: we got your War of Jenkins' Ear and your Battle of Gqokli Hill.
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Conflict Across the Globe

I dunno, marxchivist... I'm not finding that knock-down-drag-out I had with my ex-wife back in '82...

great post, man!
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How do I get a view of all conflicts for one zoomed area over a long time? For instance, I want to see all battles that have occurred in or near Budapest since the beginning of history, and I want to stay zoomed in on that part of the map, not go flying out into space.
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And I thought that George W. Bush invented warfare! That'll teach me to get all my news from Metafilter.
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War, huh, yeah - what is this good for?
I absolutely like it.
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I'm a big fan of infographics and often marvel at the level of sophistication and design and sheer computer horsepower that goes into web presentations, but I'm not so sure about this one. I'm feeling that the information is being kind of subsumed into the map layout. Or something. I mean, it's a nice thingamajig but I don't know that the cumbersomeness of the map isn't more of a burden than an assistance. And maybe it's just me .. today.
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Looks beautiful, and I've already picked up some information about conflicts I've never heard of, but it's definitely missing some. Main one I've noticed is the Musket Wars in New Zealand, in which Maori tribes fought each other using the recently-imported muskets. Around 20, 000 died, so not insignificant, and even more so if you remember how small the NZ population was at the time.
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Why the fuck is the War of Five Kings from Song of Fire and Ice showing up on the east coast of the US around 200?
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This is really cool. Seems a bit Eurasia-centric, however. There was no warfare in the pre-Colombian Americas?
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Great post! Put in a search for World War II and watch the screen explode with what looks like every battle.
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There was no warfare in the pre-Colombian Americas?

Plenty, I'm sure, but no real source material to draw conclusions from.
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or how about the war to respond to all the server requests redirected from Metafilter.... 2011.
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nevermind, I think that was the war to provide cross-browser/multi-OS compatibility.... 2011 Linux Chrome doesn't work so well.
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So, I do a search for "Second Punic War" and the map zooms in on Asia Minor and shows me a spinning wheel in an otherwise empty dialog box. Not sure how useful that is ...
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