David Armand explores the medium of interpretative dance
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I'm sure many have fond memories of Karaoke for the Deaf, in which 'Johann Lippowitz' gives us Torn. (bit NSFW) With or without Natalie Imbruglia. And Wherever I Lay My Hat. Well, David Armand aka Johann Lippowitz has been at it again. This past season, BBC 2 has been airing an improv comedy show called Fast and Loose hosted by Hugh Dennis.

The season's over, and the BBC have allowed David Armand to upload high-res video to his YouTube channel of the segments in which he "performs songs via the medium of interpretative dance". The repertoire? It includes Careless Whisper, The Killers, Hit Me Baby One More Time.... and my personal favorite Don't Stop Me Now.

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This is one of those jokes that started to get a little old for me, but he does it so fricken' well that I still laugh hard every time I see a new one. Agreed - "Don't Stop Me Now" is a pip.
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Great fun. Very clever. I like the visual punning especially. Thanks so much for posting!
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Sometime back in '05 or early '06 my friend and I started doing a similar dance at parties to Torn. I'm pretty sure that neither of us had ever seen or heard of Armand's act. This is freaky and reminds me a lot of that time everyone discovered calculus independently.

A slightly less convincing convergence occurred a year ago at a stranger's house in Oaxaca where a young Mexican music student performed the only English song he knew, which also happened to be Imbruglia's Torn.
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I lold hard. Probably not the best thing to do after gorging on Thai.
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I love that Torn video so much. And his other music videos are at least as funny. The second that the BBC lets us lowly Americans access their content from our god-for-centric country I would like to watch this Fast and Loose show.
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Great stuff! A good person to have on a charades team!
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Metafilter: Probably not the best thing to do after gorging on Thai.
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Also see Torn by Johann Lippowitz with the REAL Natalie Imbruglia
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Oh, I loved that. Thank you.
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Oh bugger. I can't listen or watch Torn without trying to imitate Lippowitz. You just added a couple of more songs to my torture.
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YAY! I was so sad when I had found and watched all the Johann Lippowitz there was, and there was no more. HALLELUJAH!
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Not sure why this great FPP didn't do this (too obvious?), but ...

With or without Natalie Imbruglia.
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So good. There's no better testament to how funny this is than the women in the audience literally crying with laughter after Careless Whisper.
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Someone emailed me his Torn video in 2006. I know that because I still have the email. It's one of the few forwarded emails that have ever been worth keeping. So funny.

Thanks for posting the link to his YouTube channel. Good stuff!
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