You given me something to live for in the middle of the galaxy in the middle of nowhere
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posted by Fizz at 11:27 AM on April 8, 2011

I approve of this.
posted by jquinby at 11:50 AM on April 8, 2011

It tickles.
posted by tmt at 12:07 PM on April 8, 2011

"Go placidy amid the noise and haste. . . "

Wait, did I read that wrong?
posted by Herodios at 12:18 PM on April 8, 2011

I really want them to make an ongoing web serial like this. Or at least someone to make one. That was all kinds of awesome and now I want more.
posted by treepour at 12:43 PM on April 8, 2011

For some reason it made me start playing "Mexican Radio" in my head. Damn you, The 80's!
posted by tmt at 12:56 PM on April 8, 2011

These guys keep giving: Gravy Rainbow!
posted by knave at 12:57 PM on April 8, 2011 [1 favorite]

This was spectacularly awesome except for that damn guy with the beard! Why go to all that trouble to so evocatively recreate the look and feel of the 80s, only to let your local Will Ferrell wannabe pop the bubble with his ironic overacting?
posted by sleepcrime at 1:48 PM on April 8, 2011

I was really expecting an Everything Is Terrible production logo at the end.
posted by clarknova at 2:09 PM on April 8, 2011

Fake sax is better than no sax at all.
posted by furtive at 2:30 PM on April 8, 2011

Disasteradio-No Pulse

This one is awesome also
posted by The Power Nap at 3:35 PM on April 8, 2011 [1 favorite]

These are great, I definitely just bought both albums as well...

Here's the Bandcamp page, and the albums are pay what you like.
posted by rollbiz at 8:44 AM on April 9, 2011

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