Investigators Detain 10 at NY Airports; Bin Laden Focus Grows
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Investigators Detain 10 at NY Airports; Bin Laden Focus Grows Authorities took 10 people into custody from New York City's two major airports after finding they had false identifications and knives, law enforcement officials told
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Secretary of State Powell officially stated that bin Laden was the prime suspect.
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I have to say that I am skeptical of the details of this report. Why on Earth would they have certificates with them from the flight school where the other terrorists supposedly had been trained? It just seems awfully fishy to me. I want to believe that everything being reeported is on the up-and-up, but I have a nagging feeling at times that there is a lot of disinformation going on.
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Confusion, yes, I would agree with that. Disinformation, on that I am a bit more skeptical. People can barely keep their lives together right now, so a coordinated disinfromation campaign would seem to be difficult, at best. Never ascribe to malaice what can more easily be ascribed to ignorance.
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swamptiger: I know, I know. And what would make them think if they tried to hijack a plane now that the passengers would not overtake and probably kill them? But they were obviously committed to their goal. And if you'll remember, the car found at the airport in Boston had flight papers in it, so it is not out of keeping with the group's MO for them to have flight certificates on them.
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10:30 pm ...Watching ABC and Peter Jennings...he linked the 10 arrests at JFK and La Guardia of people with knives, fake ids,and pilot certificates; the move of the Vice President to Camp David; the cancellation of Northwest flights; and the intended call of military reserves; and asked Senator Biden if the US is still under attack...good media coverage or alarmism?
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why would they carry pilot certificates? unless they were decoys?
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CNN now has the story up, only they are saying 8 being detained.
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ABC news is reporting that there was suppose to be 8 planes in the air on Tuesday. With the capture of two teams today, that leaves two teams that have not been captured.
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why do i feel like i am not being told enough, despite the nonstop news coverage? this is unbelievably frightening, as it apparently points to point to more planned attacks, and yet i know more about the specific asbestos levels in new york buildings than i do about any other possible threats. does anyone have any more info on this?
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Babydoll, if the authorities tell you what they know, they'd also be telling the people they're chasing. Sometimes we have to accept that it's right for the authorities to keep secrets.
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