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Friday Saturday Flash Fun: Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars, by Auntie Pixelante.
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I tried, but it just made me want to play a proper game of Wizard of Wor.
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You had me at lesbians and lost me at flash.
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I was sort of tangentially aware of the blog beforehand, but it's really, really good. Thanks for the link.
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[adult swim] games never load for me in Firefox. I don't have that problem at any other flash game websites.
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Damn. How did you know I was high?
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She's a great blogger. Can't wait to play this.
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I like Pixelante a lot, but I couldn't get into this, for some reason. Possibly a gameplay thing, possibly that it did feel a bit... well, a bit too (albeit knowingly) like the "adult games" of the 8-bit era. Nice to see a voice credit for Daphny David, though.
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This is probably the most addictive and grin-inducing flash game I've ever played. It has the same kind of aggressive demeanor that made Black Knight 2000 such an awesome pinball table (which BK/BK2K were surely stealing from arcade titles like Wor), and the kind of fear-inducing moments I've rarely seen in a game this simple (especially when the slaves speed up, when I suddenly feel the way I do in the middle of a ground mission in X-Com that is about to turn very wrong). It's not just the basic desperation thrill of other similar arcade titles, it hits some emotional buttons. But maybe it helps that I wasn't old enough to experience first-hand the scene and the cultural moment the game is aping.

The level design and enemy programming are basically perfect, and I can't imagine wanting to play Wizard of Wor after pushing into the deeper levels of this game. It deserves to be put into cabinets and released into the wild.
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