From #elxn40 to #elxn41: Mapping Canada's last most recent federal election
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Cédric Sam has released an updated version of his 2008 Google Maps and Google Earth layers showing Canada's 2008 federal election data in every riding across the country, accessible down to the polling district level. A great GIS data visualization tool for understanding how your riding or district may vote on May 2.
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As someone who's moved twice since the last election, and is about to move into a swing riding just before the election- thanks for this!
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Interesting - I hadn't seen the poll-by-poll numbers, and the visualization is well done.
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Hmm... the rich parts are blue. The poor parts are orange. How unexpected!
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Very interesting, thanks.

In my area the city and inner-ring suburbs (including rich ones) are Liberal and the newer subdivisions are Conservative. In Guelph, the downtown is Green, the inner-ring suburbs are Liberal, and the outer suburbs are Conservative. The patterns remind me of the ones in Toronto's mayoral election, where it was the suburbs (which are not richer than the downtown) which elected the right-wing populist Rob Ford.
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I sort of already knew this, but I always find it strange to see the University residence polls in Edmonton Strathcona Tory blue, while the surrounding professor and doctor neighbourhoods NDP orange. The notion that youth = left doesn't work seem to operate here.
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