Tama River
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Tama River Film: Tama River by Anders Edström & Karen Langley. Music: Yoko Ono, Let’s Go On Flying. Model: Ai Tominaga
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Yoko? Great woman, but not my type of musician.
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Remix culture: it works really well with the sound turned off.
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I... I'm not really sure... I mean...

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Tumblr blogs are strange; I'm often curious where the original image/video came from or what's the story behind it. For this one I had to go to Google then to Another (anothermag.com) before I found the story behind this video...

"For the spring/summer 2011 issue of AnOther Magazine, striking Japanese supermodel Ai Tominaga was styled by Karen Langley and photographed by Anders Edström on an anonymous park bench on the outskirts of Tokyo. The fashion story, which used the changing light over the course of the day to create a kind of photographic sundial is accompanied by this mesmerising three-minute film short, created exclusively for AnOther by Edström and C.W. Winter.

Rather than poignant seated positions, Ai is seen strolling along the Tama River – a spacious sanctuary, just moments away from a bustling, industrial area in the city of Tokyo."
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I went back and forth on this post artof.mulata. I was originally going to link to the AnOther mag site, but I discovered the film at Mrs Tsk, and I then I thought I would have to include a "via", which I like to do if I haven't come up with the post on my own, but sometimes I don't like the way it looks. So, after looking at the rest of the AnOther mag site and not finding much of interest, I decided to link directly to Mrs Tsk, so as not to have to worry about the via.

I would probably rework it if I could, as I would probably half of my posts, and three quarters of my comments, but this being mefi and not allowing edits, I've come to just try and accept things the way they happen, and not get anxious about things, especially something as ephemeral and lovely as this beautifully done video.
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That video is lovely and Ms. Ono's music is wonderful.

My 'gripe' (am I griping?) is about tumblr in general. I follow a lot of tumblr blogs via RSS and I'm often struck by some of the stuff I see there. Then comes the research!

As for the 'via' situation, I have this dim memory of a metatalk where the quorum decided it wasn't necessary. And given how tumblr works I'm not even sure it's appropriate. This is all my line of thinking, of course, and I'm not saying you or anyone else should buy into it.

I could go on, but who needs that? It's an effing beautiful day in Seattle and I'm going to put on my short shorts and go walk in the park!
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Damn. That's exactly the walk I take to my smoking spot..
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Oh no artof.mulata, I was agreeing with you :) And re the via meta, I remember that too, and if it was just some random Tumblr with unoriginal content, or a huge site like boing boing, I might skip it, but Mrs Tsk is a special lady. She deserves respect. Best arts, photo, essay, music blog on the planet.

re the video, Ai Tominaga has legs like a baby giraffe and a head and torso resembling a praying mantis. And after repeated viewings, she looks more and more like a skinny David Bowie after a cocaine binge.
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