vintage Japan and Hong Kong
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Old Hong Kong/Macau clips 1949-1989 by Michael Rogge, now 81, who was stationed in Hong Kong and Japan. He documented his life in photos and 16mm film, clips on YT | his YouTube channel | Old Japan in 1870 Engravings. Taken from a Dutch magazine 'De aarde en haar volken' of 1875. Engravings done by French artists. | Old JAPAN in 1869 in engravings French engravings, part of a travelogue, picture a weird Japan. Pictures appeared in Dutch magazine 'De Aarde en haar Volken' of 1869 and were engraved by French artists. posted by nickyskye (5 comments total) 21 users marked this as a favorite
Nice little treasure troves you've dug up here nickyskye. Thanks!
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Found the whole book, De Aarde en haar Volken, on Google Books. The illustrations are pretty nice in the PDF format they have.
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What a wonderful place in those days. Thanks for the memories.
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Wow, great find and thanks for putting this post together.

I lived in Hong Kong in the early 1980s (as a teenager at the time), and the footage from around that time brought so many memories back - going on the Star Ferry, wandering the street markets under the flight path of the jets landing at Kai Tak (I swear the landing gear only missed the buildings by centimetres), the lack of serious high-rise buildings (The Connaught Centre was the largest then IIRC), the tranquillity of the outer islands (Lantau in particular), the neon lights (everywhere!), and the endless energy of the place.

I went back for a while in 2002, and the place had changed so dramatically (not unexpected), but the sheer weight of people, dizzyingly high buildings, endless soulless apartment buildings and the constant reclamation and reduction of the harbour and the natural areas left me feeling rather suffocated, and didn't leave me with the excitement I had all those years ago (I'm sure that being a lot older made a difference to my experience, but the visceral energy of the earlier times was lacking IMO).

Thanks once again nickyskye, you (and Michael Rogge) have brightened up my day!
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Thanks for digging up these evocative memories nickyskye. My childhood was spent on Hong Kong in the early fifties and Kowloon in the mid-60s and the place was indeed as magical as these clips show. I'm forwarding this channel to my parents now.
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