Been Caught Stealin'
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The urge is mightier than the pen for Vaclav Klaus. Of course, it goes viral, even though Chilean officials say it was a gift.
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When you like something and you don't wanna pay for it.
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Officially it's a non-incident, but still, that video is pretty funny. The body language of President Vaclav "Yoink!" Klaus is textbook I-have-absolutely-no-idea-of-any-activities-that-may-be-occurring-at-the-end-of-my-arm.
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I see nothing!
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I could tell before clicking the Wikipedia link that he was a right wing politician. I think it's the late-stage Cheneyfication.
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Vaclav Klaus also borrowed a Sharpie from my desk and never returned it. Pretty sure it was him.
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Wha-what is this? A pen - encrusted with semi-precious lapis lazuili! Who could resist such a triumphant geegaw? Would only that I were encrusted with semi-precious lapis lazuili ... then, surely I would receive the devotion and respect that befits a bejewelled conqueror. Oh, how resplendent I would shine under the sun of the Czech Republic. And my enemies - those noxious fungoid-men who defy my every whim! - why, they would weep, WEEP before my coruscating thorax! I MUST have this gem-crusted stylus, I MUST! Yes, yes, Chilean President - I will sign your infernal treaty, promising you most-favoured nation status for the purposes of the supply of petting zoo products - it will be my "pleasure" - you FOOL! For I shall surreptitiously pocket this mighty pen, this lapis lazuili-laden wonder, and then Vaclav Klaus shall be King! HA HA HA HA HA! LORD OF LAPIS LAZUILI, ALL WILL WORSHIP Mwait - what? What is this I spy on the Chilean President's wrist? A watch with a tiny calculator on its face? A MAGIC CALCULATOR WATCH, THAT COMBINES THE ARTS OF CHRONOLOGY AND CALCULATION??? I MUST have this incredible device for my own! Yes - yes, and then Vaclav Klaus will be Lord of Time! [etc]

Next week on "INSIDE THE MIND OF" - Torgyán József, Hungarian Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development, meets a child eating a sticky bun.
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If that's a gift, then I'd like to know why the subterfuge? Also, who opens the gift while being introduced, doesn't thank anyone and leaves the box on the table?
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I love that gift is the Swedish word for poison and to be married. All relevant metaphorical concepts somehow.
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I believe it was Vaclav Klaus that took my virginity as well... that little stinker!
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Some people are really possessive of their pens.
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Anyone have a picture of the pen itself? I want to see if I'd steal it too.
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It'll probably end up in the back of a drawer somewhere with all the other once-coveted pens; stripped of status, forgotten, unused. Meanwhile, Klaus will raid the supply closet and snag far more cheap Pilot ballpoints than he'll ever need.

That's usually how it went when I used to work in a government office, anyway.
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Next, Vaclav Klaus meets with the diplomatic contingent from Pen Island.
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My Pen!
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That's awesome.
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Some people are really possessive of their pens.
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My Pen!
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Someone stole my LINK!
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I love the music the news people used for this video.
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It's weird to see Chile in a FPP. I always think "Oh god, what did we do now?".
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I could tell before clicking the Wikipedia link that he was a right wing politician.

A pen stealing incident turned me into a conservative. This is what happened. I was at a seminar one time, we were seated at tables next to each other arranged in a horseshoe configuration with the speaker at the front. They sent a sign-up sheet around and when it got to me, I signed it. I noticed that my neighbor didn't have a pen so I let him borrow my VERY NICE GOLD-COLORED PEN expecting him to return it after writing his name. But he didn't do it. Instead he passed my VERY NICE PEN to his neighbor. By now, the speaker had started his talk so I couldn't very well get up and retrieve it. And my pen started going around the horseshoe, getting further and further away as the seminar went on. I wanted to hear what the speaker was saying so I convinced myself that I'd just wait until the seminar was over and get the pen back then. But at some point I looked over and noticed that although the sign up sheet was still going around, the pen accompanying it was no longer a VERY NICE PEN. It was a cheap plastic BIC thing with a chewed-up twist cap.

Anyhow at the end of the seminar, i was torn about what to do. It was just a pen, but it was a VERY NICE one. But more than that, I decided I wasn't going to let someone get away with it. I went over to the place in the horseshoe where I guessed it had disappeared and announced in a loud voice: "Has anyone seen my PEN?" and then made harsh fascistic eye contact with the prime suspects. After an awkward silence, one of them a senior citizen said "yes" and sheepishly removed it from his pocket.

So the lesson I learned from this was that

a) pen stealing turns likeable people like myself into fascists
b) senior citizens should be punished.
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I actually carry around a shit pen to lend to foolish people without their own.
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It writes in brown?
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The secret to lending pens and getting them back:
  1. Never lend retractable pens; only lend pens with removable caps.
  2. Never lend the cap with the pen.
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